A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

Villa Carlotta Exhibition

Tremezzo (Como)

"Splendours of the 18th century on Lake Como. Villa Carlotta and the Clerici marquises."
The light set-up of the exhibition tells the story, in a route through five rooms and on curved cardboard panels, the story of the home when it was Villa Clerici, more than three hundred years ago.

Jewellery, correspondence and documents of the period are in modular anthracite through-body MDF showcases with an iron structure, for flexible re-use in future set-ups. In the last room on the route, cardboard silhouettes of elegant 18th

century figures invite visitors to admire, from red velvet deckchairs, the scale reproduction of the vault ceiling of the Tiepolo Gallery of Palazzo Clerici in Milan.

Graphic project by Nexo.